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10U, 12U & 14U Youth Coed 

Youth polo has a fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions.


The PSP youth water polo program is designed to get kids excited about water polo.  The program is for grades 5th-8th and athlete experience often ranges from first timers, to 3-4 year veterans in the sport of water polo. 


A youth polo practice typically includes the following focus areas: swimming and treading technique, ball handling, shooting fundamentals, offensive and defensive schemes and tactics, and a scrimmage or competitive game at the end.  Athletes are often divided into 2-3 groups depending on their physical strength, experience, and knowledge of the game.


In addition to our youth polo practices, we often extend an invite to some of our athletes for our 14u Junior Olympic tryout team for the spring and summer.  If selected to be a part of this team, 12-14 of our youth polo athletes will join our other, older athletes, for our Junior Olympic practices in the spring and summer, in addition to their youth water polo practices.  This is a decision to be made in the spring for select athletes and coaches.  


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